Hometown Heroes

As I was getting ready to leave the Capitol Region in 2018 after living there for five years, I wanted to document all of the artists together who let me photograph them throughout the years. These artists not only were the subjects of my photographs, but they became my friends. They gave me access into their lives because of the trust they had of me with my camera. I will always be grateful to them for that and I wanted to show them my appreciation. I was thinking of how to do this and then I remember some of the photographs that have always inspired me to do what I currently do. Jim Marshall had amazing access and friendships to many of the San Francisco bands in the late 60’s. He photographed their shows, lives, hangouts, promotional material, recordings, and anything else that went on. I felt I had a similar relationship with those in the Capitol Region. With this idea I messaged everyone I could think of, which ended up being way too many for one shoot. So instead of one big shoot as Jim Marshall did one day with The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Quick Silver Messenger Service, and others, I did a number of shoots that not only showed off my friends and creative peers, but also the Capitol Region in general. It was a great homage and way to document this time in all of our lives. Not everyone I had contacted was able to make it, but many of the people I worked with in my time in the Capitol Region are present. I give to you the Hometown Heroes.