Well sometimes you get contacted for a last minute job and you just have a good feeling about it so you agree to see what’s involved. A good friend of mine put me in touch with Allen who then described what him and his soon to be wife Ceillie were looking to do. As it turned out all they wanted to do was to go to City Hall in Boston and have a quick ceremony followed by walking around down town for a bit. Considering that my wife and I did something fairly similar, I was pumped to help these two out the day after Valentine’s Day. As soon as we met in City Hall, we hit it off right away. There were lots of laughs and smiles for the roughly two hours we were together. Watching them exchange glances the rest of the our time together, you could just see how in love with one another they were. After the quick ceremony we walked around downtown Boston, and despite the on again off again rain, we had an absolute blast. Sometimes you just connect with people right away and everything turns out great. Ceillie and Allen are those kind of people and I wish them nothing but the best going forward.