Brittnay and Diego’s New Jersey Wedding

As you grow up and move away from your home and your college you never know what some of the connections you have made will turn into. I grew up going to school with Brittnay and while I can’t say we closely stayed in touch, we were connected through social media and from time to time would comment on photos or events we saw one another do. I received an email from her asking if I do weddings and then there was plenty of actual catching up and like usual some jokes about my wedding photography being different than my music photography. Once all the details were settled, it was just a matter of waiting for the wedding day. The wedding took place at the Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge in Warren, NJ. Although it was a little cold, the quick outdoor ceremony was beautiful. We continued to brave the cold for some posed photos. The party after at the venue saw everyone dancing almost the entire time with taking little breaks here and there to eat. It was quite the afternoon and evening with all of their family and friends.