Northern Faces Video Shoot for "Messin With Me"

Once again I was able to be on set with Chromoscope Pictures for a video shoot. This time it was at WMHT studios, which has all the bells and whistles a team could want to shoot something, and Chromoscope took full advantage of the lighting and space. The video was for Albany, NY's Northern Faces new song "Messin With Me". The song is really catchy and will be on their upcoming release later this year. The shoot had them sitting in an old New Yorker Deluxe that was in fantastic shape. I believe during the video the car has a mind of it's own and take the guys on an adventure, but I wasn't there long enough to see it through as there were other shoots that day to cover. Here are a bunch of behind the scenes shots from the day.

Candy Ambulance Video Shoot for "People Are Deceitful"

Candy Ambulance know how to have a good time and their video shoot this past weekend proved just that. They called in a number of friends, hired Chromoscope Pictures, and pulled together a wild video that will surely help them get some buzz when it comes time for their summer tour announcement to happen. Having worked with both Candy Ambulance and Chromoscope Pictures, I made my way up to Glens Falls knowing I was going to get some wonderful photos, but had no idea they would be this great. The shoot lasted from about 5 PM to 130 AM, and by the time the shoot ended everyone was on such a high that we could have kept going for hours. Here are a batch of production and behind the scenes stills from the evening. You can get a sense of what the shoot was like, but the entire story of it isn't ruined. Look out for the video coming soon!