Wedding of Russ and Lindsey

I don't publish about this often, but I do weddings from time to time for friends. It's always a pleasure and when I click with the bride and groom it's just that much easier. I don't like to do big weddings. While those are fun, they are very stressful. Small weddings are where it's at and I should know since that's what Lauren and I did.

Russ and Lindsey are two concert friends of mine and they are just lovely. On the day of the wedding it looked like it was going to pour but as everyone arrived the sun began to poke out just enough and blessed us with great weather. It took place at SPAC in Saratoga Springs, NY and then we all went out to dinner after. Don't hesitate to ask me about wedding services. No it's not the rock star life that I like to do every night of the week, but you get to be a rock star for a day (h/t Marc Millman for that phrase) and I would love to help make you look the best you possibly can. Enjoy some photos from Russ and Lindsey's wedding