Newport Folk Festival 2017

My second straight year at the world famous Newport Folk Festival was just as amazing as the year before. While the line up didn't blow me away as it was rolled out this year, it turned out to be a pretty perfect line up. There were a couple of tributes to music legends Bill Withers and the late Chuck Berry, as well as a set of protest music by a treasure trove of artists. The weather held out and everyone and their mother came to end the show with John Prine, including special guests Roger Waters and Lucius. This festival is a can't miss affair every year. Highlights from the weekend below.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2017

Sometimes you just want to try new things and this summer I was able to do just that. I had never flown anywhere to see music and my first entry into that was to to go to Chicago in mid-July for Pitchfork Music Festival. They let the photographers do their thing, without much oversight, but it was weird going in pretty much blind to a festival. Some cancellations and weird photo rules took place, which screwed some coverage up, but overall it was a fantastic weekend. My wonderful photog-friend Sarah put me up for the weekend and we proceeded to have a blast. Unfortunately my train ride back to Albany was less than stellar, but hey it happens. Here are a batch of highlights from Pitchfork.