A One-Two Punch at Cafe 939

So after completely packing my bags for SXSW, I was given the chance to go photograph a double bill that I had been looking forward to for a solid two months. Walking into the Red Room at Cafe 939, I was greeted by people just sitting around waiting for the show to start. The whole thing had a laid back feel that ultimately bled through into the music. The crowd was very attentive of the music all night, very few talked, most people just swayed to the music, with some doing a little more than swaying.

I had seen L.A. Salami at Newport Folk Fest. This was a different beast as he had a band then. This was just him, his voice, a guitar, and harmonicas. His music had a Bob Dylan/John Lennon vibe to it, that he even mentioned in his set. I think it leaned more to Dylan, think in the style of Master of War era. It felt weird to see him opening a show as this material was headliner worthy. If you can catch him doing his solo acoustic show it’s a must.

Alice Phoebe Lou had been on my radar for some time as a PR friend has been repping her and sending me links to some great tunes. The LP comes out this Friday and I highly recommend you checking it out. Alice and the band had been having some visa troubles the last few days leading up to what wound up being the tour opener. Alice noted how tired they were, and while they did look the part, they certainly didn’t play the part. The music was funky and soulful, rocking and moody, heartfelt and lovely. They even explored some out there sounds on a few tunes. Alice was genuinely surprised at how many people showed up, and sold out the venue, and she definitely has big things ahead for her. Do not miss her on this trip across the US, she has that something special that you love to see in live music.