Canada Day 2018 in Central Park with Broken Social Scene

Getting out of the car with the temperature reading being 105 was tough, but sometimes to do your job you do what you have to. It was sweltering in Central Park for Canada Day, but the crowds showed up and danced some great music. Leading the bill was some of the country's best musical export, Broken Social Scene. It was my first time seeing them and man am I angry it took this long. There are so many members and they seemingly all play every instrument. Kevin Drew, the front-man, creator, and leader of the collective brought a ton of energy and messages of love to those in attendance and the USA itself. Noting how they love playing here, while also apologizing for probably going to war and then losing and apologizing for losing, listening to Kevin speak from the stage the entire show was amazing. The show was about to end early when the band was told they had 20 minutes left. They gave the crowd another two songs, jammed out, before finally saying goodnight to the sweat-drenched audience. Opening the night were folk trio The East Pointers are displayed wonderful harmonies and Melissa Laveaux who ran through a set of mesmerizing Haitian-tinged songs. The whole day was absolutely glorious, despite the heat