Everything You Could Expect From An Andrew W.K. Concert

It's pretty amazing that I Get Wet came out 17 years ago. What is even more amazing is somehow I hadn't seen Andrew W.K. perform in person. Well that all finally changed on Friday May 18 at Irving Plaza in New York City. Now there was a lot I expected from the show considering I know plenty of people who have seen him perform before. Other than maybe a song or two, everything I thought was going to happen did.

I expected to hear the word party a lot. Not only was it on t-shirts, in lyrics, and chants from the crowd, including before he even took the stage, but it was on the wristbands if you were over 21. I expected a rowdy crowd. To say it was rowdy is an understatement as there were plenty of crowd-surfers, mosh pits, singing, and hands in the air. I expected to see head banging. From the moment Andrew and the band came on stage there was an onslaught of head banging from everyone in Irving Plaza, including some of the security who while not going all out were nodding their heads.

I expected to be wowed and that I was. It's amazing how much energy Andrew WK and his band bring and I cannot believe they do that every night. There were people in the crowd who by show's end looked like they had run a marathon and definitely couldn't do that two days in a row, but those on stage looked like they could have gone and done another show right after. Before the encore the entire audience counted down from 100, something I didn't know was a thing at his shows, but realized it after he led a countdown before show closer "Party Hard" and the crowd did it right back with him. It was like a weird New Year's Eve. Also as a bonus, since we were seeing him in New York City, he obliged and played "I Love New York City", to which the crowd lost their minds for. Honestly I could see that show every night and never tire of it. Until next time Andrew W.K.!