New Music of the Week Volume 11 - The Singles

First up is "Breathe In, Breathe Out" by Melody's Echo Chamber. It has plenty of psychedelic guitar riffs and high pitched singing to fill that void in your music life if you're missing it. It seems as if there are going to be a lot of videos accompanied with the album as at the end of this video it says part 1. Melody had a serious accident last year and had to cancel her tour and postpone her album. I think it's safe to say this song and the upcoming album could have been directly influenced by that. Let's hope shows are announced soon as well.

Juliana Daugherty's "Player" is a somber song dealing with those who spiral ever downward into a hole of their own creation. It might not be their fault, but they spiral none the less. In writing this she wanted to get some of the stigma out of mental illness and acknowledge that it exists. Juliana does a great job of matching the music to the lyrics, with every moment lingering on as the spiral goes deeper. The song is beautiful and deserves your ears.

I stumbled upon Ryvoli this week and their newest song "Sleep Talking". Right away the harmonies between Samantha Howard and Jenn Whiteman won me over. I feel the whole song is just a folkier Lucius, which isn't a bad thing. The song is great and deals with anxiety and how it can have a hold over you. Their voices sound great over the gentle guitar playing that goes through the song. I like how minimal the instrumentation is as it really lets us focus on their voices the entire time. The rest of the EP is coming out mid-July.

Rocking out always feels good and the song "Contenders" by Eternal Summers lets you do just that. Lyrically it's all about owning your weaknesses and becoming stronger for that. Musically it's a rip roaring roller coaster of indie rock. I absolutely adore the ending jam session that closes the song out strong. We all know that the world is a terrible place right now and everyone seems to be fighting with one another, but if we can just see our own shortcomings and flaws and recognize we don't have all of the answers, maybe we can turn it around and ask one another for some help. Lead singer Nicole Yun was interviewed on another site and spoke about how people are more connected by their blunders and imperfections than things that go right. I think she has a point there and this song does a great job of getting it across.

Arkells are always a good time live and their latest studio tune should turn into a rager in person. "People's Champ" is a funky disco horn infused tune that is easily going to have the crowd singing with the band. The song itself is about someone who is acting as if he was Robin Hood, but really doing the opposite and grifting everyone out of their house and home. When that happens you need to look around and find the person who actually is helping everyone out. There are still plenty of people who will lend a hand in today's society, despite what you see and read about and those are the people we need to champion today. Can't wait for more from these guys!

There's a lot to like about Sudan Archives and her new song "Nont for Sale". For one she taught herself how to play violin by studying African musicians. The picking she does on the violin during the song compliments the beats and perfect vocal take. Her lyrics are strong and speak of a toxic friendship that seems to be only working one way. The ending of the song with just the violin is a great coda to the song. She is someone to watch this summer as she's playing a number of festivals and should be a break out.

Hailing from Troy, The Sea The Sea is a band I've worked with for close to half a decade now and I have loved watching them grow and continue to perfect their craft. Their latest single "Bang Bang Bang" off of their soon to be released album From the Light (June 1) is a collage of what they do best. There's a great bass line to go along with the drums, harmonies galore, strong lyrics, and just a ton of energy. The song, while a deep look into love and truth, is also an accidental murder ballad. It was unintentional when they were writing it, but hey it happens to work. Give it a spin and then go pre-order their album.

Intensity has always been the name of the game for Le Butcherettes and "spider/WAVES" continues that streak. The song feels like you're getting further and further trapped by a spider in it's web, and being intrigued, you don't mind so much. The music is brooding and ominous. Lead singer Teri Gender Bender's vocals are wild and mysterious. The combination of the two are both frightening and enjoyable. There's a lot going on here and I hate none of it. Hopefully more is on the way!