A Glorious Night in Kingston

So I have been bad and haven't kept up with putting shows up here as often as I would like. This past Friday though was a wild night at BSP Kingston. The three act bill perfectly fit together and had powerful women taking the lead of their respective bands. First up was Emily Ritz. She has a great voice and her duo set up let the songs do the talking. The crowd warmed up to her quickly and she got quite the ovation at the end of her set. 

From there we got Home Body. Now before I get to their set I wanted to talk about them. I first saw Haley and Eric play roughly five years ago. They were one of the first bands I covered and they have always been a spectacle to see and very nice people. I hadn't seen them in awhile, so we met up before the show and hung out, had dinner, and caught up. They are two of the nicest people around and I loved that we were able to do this. Their outfits weren't as outlandish as, but the light show was intense. Haley controlled the lighting by her foot, Eric had the synths looping about, and the crowd danced away. After the night was over I had the chance to do some portraits with them and we got some really good photos. Hopefully it won't be so long before we get to hang out and be creative together again.

Sound of Ceres is a band I had literally been trying to see for over a year. They have a wild lighting set up with projections going all over the venue and themselves. The music is a wild landscape of noise and it lived up to everything I thought it would. This band is a must see right now. I also had the pleasure of doing some photos with them before the show and they are really cool people. I had one idea in my head that we didn't end up really doing because Karin noticed a backdrop that could be cool and it worked out so well. When we got to the area I wanted to use I noticed a mirror and completely changed what I had planned because the first photos had gone so well. Collaborating with artists during these portraits I do is my favorite thing. When both sides get to put some creativity into these it always turns out better. Enjoy photos from the night below!