The Linda Hosts an Anniversary Party with Bully, Lvl Up, Shellshag, and Swither

Back in college I worked a morning show for WCDB for a year and while I think there were never any listeners, it was a lot of fun and I met some cool people. I haven't followed much of what the station has done since graduating, but they always pull some great shows together or their anniversaries. This year for their 40th they put together a pretty stacked line up of Bully, Lvl Up, Shellshag, and Swither.

Swither have this great low level slacker indie vibe. Their music isn't the most upbeat but it hits hard. Shellshag are a duo that are a site to be seen. Neither of them stop moving the entire time they are on stage. Between the band members, a custom built pyramid of lights and speakers sat and acted like a third member of the band. Their songs were raw and unapologetic and I can't believe I haven't seen them before this.

Lvl Up were unreal. The band was tight and I felt like they could have played for another hour past their time slot and no one would have complained about it. I was blown away as I had not heard any of their music prior to this and am looking forward to the next time I can get them in front of my camera. On the last song of their set, the whole band really let loose and jammed out to a wall of sound to close it out.

I hadn't seen Bully since Boston Calling 2015 and that was way too long between seeing them. The band still sound great and have the same vibe, but they need to be seen as much as possible. Alicia Bognanno's writing has improved and her singing can still rile up a crowd. The band is really on fire right now and were excited to be playing to such a big crowd on a Sunday night in Albany, their first in the city.