The Month of March 2018

I saw a lot of music in March. It is difficult to keep up with posting shows timely as things tend to get hectic. Throw in living in three places, a lot of driving to and from New York City, and working everyday in addition to editing things and getting some photos up on social media, this blog tends to fall to the wayside. Also I've tried to get a new post up of music of the week every week and when I listen to new music I tend not to do anything else but take it all in. Plan for more updates as the year is only getting busier from here on out especially with festival season coming up and some possible short tours with bands.

The month started out with photographing Weird Al in Tarrytown, NY and he reappeared again at the end of the month at The Apollo Theatre. He has Emo Phillips with him who is quite a spectacle himself. For the first time ever he is focusing on all of his originals and homages and not the famous parodies. He is also switching up the set-lists, so seeing him a few times I was able to catch a lot of songs I had never seen before. He also played the guitar for the first time ever on stage and it was fun to see him ham it up for the ocassion. I also had the chance to photograph Bob Weir and Phil Lesh in Radio City Music Hall with special guests Wally Ingram and Trey Anastasio. The evening was one of THOSE nights that will go down as special in the world of the Grateful Dead and related projects. The energy in the room was buzzing all night.

I already showed off some photos of Matt and Kim at The Hollow and Judah and the Lion, Colony House, and Tall Heights at Upstate Concert Hall and Sound of Ceres, Home Body, and Emily Ritz at BSP. Three out of the four Mondays of the month I was in Saratoga for Super Dark Mondays, as I tend to do when I'm free. The new space is fantastic and you should definitely check it out. The music has been amazing as well lately and each Monday sees quite a crowd of people who just want to check out new music. Do not miss out and get up there as quick as you can! 

I was able to, at the last minute, cover the second annual Love Rocks NYC! benefit for God's Love We Deliver. The charity event raises a lot of money to help feed the homeless and veterans around the NYC metro area. Like the first year, the event had a lot of great musicians there and the highlight this year was Keith Richards, with the biggest grin on his face, coming out for a two song performance. Seeing Keith in such a small setting and right next to the stage was mind blowing. Also seeing people run to the stage to hand Bill Murray money to help raise money is also quite a sight.

I went up to Glens Falls to hang with a bunch of friends in Ramblers Home and No More Death Stars. Both shows were fun and it was good to catch up and see some friends. Both having been playing a lot lately upstate and if you miss them up here it's your own fault. We also got an impromptu Asa Morris and the Mess set for the hell of it. I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed the last night of David Byrne's warm up shows for his world tour in Kingston. This show is EVERYTHING. With 11 other people on stage with him at all times and all of them being wireless, the concert was more than just music, it was art on stage. They have formations, dance moves, and some wild lighting. To say I'm excited to see it again later this year would be an understatement. Another show that was perfect from beginning to end was Joe Russo's Almost Dead selling out Albany's Palace Theatre for their first time in the city. The two sets were rambunctious and fun and the quintet kept their foot on the gas the whole time. When these guys are on it's scary what they can pull off. The crowd was loving it and the band definitely fed off of the energy. 

I did a New York City two for one night when I checked out Polyvamp and Karina Rykman Experiment at Brooklyn Bowl and the headed over to Rough Trade NYC for Moby's album release show. Polyvamp were a lot of fun. Really groove oriented and were having a blast taking to the stage of the Bowl. Karina is always a special musicians to watch. I've never seen with anything but a smile on her face as she rocks out. She's a glorious person and the three piece she has put together sound great. Walking a block and a half to the next show was so nice. I can't imagine being home any night of the week if I lived in NYC. So much music every night. Moby was stunning and seeing him in such an intimate venue for the first time ever will be a treasure forever. I feel so spoiled for having that experience.