New Music of the Week Volume 12 - The Singles

A queen of the music scene has released a new single out into the world this past week and man is it good to hear here voice on new music. "Sky Full of Song" by Florence and the Machine is a slow burning beautiful song that lets Florence's voice soar. The track opens with just her voice and the instrumentation slowly comes in and never fully envelops her voice but just lays right beneath it. There's a lot of backing vocals here, again at no surprise, but it's still glorious every time. I'm so excited to hear the rest of this album as soon as it's available as they haven't let anyone down yet. 

I'm not going to be doing to much writing about the next one because this was not made for me, not even a little. Janelle Monae continues to show up and dominate everything she does. Her latest song and video "PYNK" is made by women for women. End of story. There's a lot of empowerment here and I love her for it. Just take a few minutes and enjoy literally everything about this video, this song, and all of the humans involved in making it.

Kamasi Washington is so damn good. The bands he puts together and the people he works with are off the charts. The man himself does so much damage on the saxophone it's scary. He announced a new double album this week in Heaven and Earth and put out two songs, one from each record. The Earth side of the record he said is the world how he sees it outwardly and the world he is part of, while the Heaven side is the world how he sees it inwardly and the world that is part of him. Kamasi is one of the headiest musicians out there today. The first is "Fists of Fury" which starts out as a new arrangement of the theme from the iconic kung fu film before going off of the rails into jazz bliss. The band proceeds to jam wildly for a few minutes before bringing the song full circle back to the theme. The second song is "The Space Travelers Lullaby" and it lives up to its name in terms of feeling like you're out in the middle of space as you listen. The music swells in and out and at times is like an outtake of a Star Trek theme song from the 60's. Both of these songs are dense and there is a lot to take in. I can only imagine how impressive these two albums are going to be when released in June. All hail the keeper of the jazz flame alive!

I really love when songs make me freak out. If I want to play it again and again right away I know it's a keeper and everyone should be listening to it. Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay have come together as LUMP and released "Curse of the Contemporary" and it's pop psychedelic wonder. Marling's singing belongs back at the height of weird 60's pop music, especially paired with the spacey guitar work being done by Lindsay. I'm so excited for the rest of this project to come out.

A late addition to this week as I was about to publish this and Scott Metzger released an old school electric guitar instrumental in the vein of 50's and early 60's players such as Les Paul, Jimmy Bryant, and Chet Atkins. He titled it "Cakewalk" and its a wonderful little exercise. Scott is one of the best guitar players out there right now and somehow, outside of the "jamband" world he is unnoticed. If you enjoy the guitar and listening to someone who knows what the hell they are doing with it, go check out everything this man has been doing lately.