Saturday 4.7.18 - A Tale of Two Shows

A Saturday night in Albany is bound to have some conflicting live music throughout the city. There were others shows during the night but I decided to tackle only two. The first show of the night was sold out. Not like oh hey we sold out a show, but like oh man I can't get through the crowd kind of sold out. Wolf Alice last played The Hollow in 2015 and if memory serves me correct, that show was pretty packed, but this show was to the gills. The Big Pink opened up with a ferocious set and really impressed me. I only knew one of their songs, but the trio were great and were a perfect fit to open. Wolf Alice came to the stage and crowd, especially right in front, went nuts from the minute they started through the rest of the show. Frontwoman Ellie Rowsell was feeding off of their energy and it felt like she brought a little extra punch to her vocals while Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis bounced about the small stage with their guitar and bass respectively with seemingly endless energy. This room is easily one of the smallest the band has played in a while and they clearly loved the the setting. I didn't want to leave the show, but sometimes you have to get to the next one.

I got in my car and went the 3 to 4 miles down the road to Pauly's Hotel which had more or less 35 people watching Rough Francis play their hearts out causing the attendees to smile in disbelief and pick their jaw up off of the floor. I only saw 20 minutes, but what I saw was a hungry band. A band that knows their good and are waiting for the right moment where they are seen by the right person to go to the next level. A band that is 100 percent ready to make that leap right now. The five piece is made up of three brothers from Burlington, VT who owe the music the play to their father and uncles who played in Death. They put their bodies and souls into this music and crowd was responding properly, with a mini mosh-pit, head banging, and egging them on to continue. These guys are going to be known and I will always remember seeing them in a dive bar with roughly 35 people when it should have been just as packed as the show I had left earlier.