Matt and Kim Rise Again at The Hollow

Matt and Kim are getting their show legs back for the first time since April 2017 after Kim's leg injury. Without playing live for almost a year, they decided that they wanted to do a couple of small warm-up shows before their tour launches later this spring. Night one took place in Ithaca and by what they told us in Albany at The Hollow, it was a little rusty. Last night though, despite a few gaffes that everyone laughed at together with Matt and Kim, they were in fine form. We got a career spanning set-list and all of their usual wildness. There is nothing out there quite like a Matt and Kim show and in the confines of such a small space it was even better.

They had they wanted to go a small sweaty club show and they got their wish. There wasn't a single person in the venue, including Matt's parents, who weren't excited to get outside to breathe in the cool March air to combat all of the sweat that just poured off of everyone. Matt and Kim have always treated Albany to great shows and that is of course thanks to the area radio station, WEQX, who have been playing them since the beginning. They normally play far bigger spaces and to see them in such a small setting dusting themselves off after a long break from live action was great. They couldn't have been happier on stage based on the smiles on both of their faces. The crowd went home happy and were urged by both of them to yell at WEQX to get them back in the area as soon as possible.