New Music of the Week Volume 7 - The Singles

Lucky number 7 and it's a doozy. All sorts of fun songs are included in the new music this week. Hope you enjoy.

Yonatan Gat is back this week with "Cockfight". This whole track is a proper old-school single, lasting less than two and a half minutes and is just some of the most wild guitar playing today. There is just this wild energy driving the whole thing and it feels like you're about to be put under a spell and then it ends. I could listen to this track go on for another 20 minutes.  This is some of the most powerful music I've heard in such a short window in a long time.

Simian Mobile Disco is always doing cool shit and their latest "Hey Sister" is no exception. The drumming propelling the song forward just makes your body want to move. The video is a striking and follows a woman experiencing an otherworldly experience. The character is being beckoned towards the light and cannot stop herself. The lyrics are representing the forces that are pulling her ever closer to the light. She has no wanting of to go that way, but she cannot stop the forces making her turn around. Everything about this song and video is just beautiful

Beach House gave us "Dive" this past week with all of it's dreamy soundscape. If you listen to this track on a good pair of headphones, it feels like Victoria Legrand's vocals float right above your head, moving closer to you as the song continues. The music also goes from a cloudy dreamy atmosphere to a full on rock and roll track. I see this song as building into a sonic force live and being a show stopper. The guitar and keyboard work that happens before the song cuts out is just fantastic.

Hat-tip to my buddy Will over at We All Want Someone for bringing to my attention Linn Koch-Emmery and her latest single "Wires". There is a lot of potential in this song and Linn in general. This is a very uplifting song that has just enough rock mixed with pop to be a huge song if heard by the right people and pushed correctly. Her vocals are not over powering at all in the song but grip your ears and your mind and you can't help but play the song again to hear it once more. Be on the look out for shows this Spring in the US and some more music soon.

After being in the blog earlier this year, Parquet Courts are back again, this time with the title track for the next album Wide Awake. It's a funky tune that really has the band going for a new sound. The video follows them around Mardi Gras and shows them having a hell of a time that goes well with the funky sounds of the song. There isn't much lyrically to the song other than a few lines repeated, but it feels like a song that is going to do so well in the live setting. This is really going to be one of the best albums of the year I bet.

It feels like everyone has been giving a lot of buzz over to Sunflower Bean, and the thing is they truly deserve it. Their next album is coming out later this month and this week the video for "Twentytwo"came out. The song is about a young woman standing tall to what society wants from her. Olivia Bee, a great photographer and director, made the video for it and she made a video that reflects the "strengths and individual beauties" that happen when we are just ourselves and not worry about society's wants. Everything about this song and video is important in today's world.

Moving into some Jazz, we have The Nels Cline 4 who released "Imperfect 10" this week. The group is just a ridiculously powerful quartet including Nels, Julian Lage, Scott Colley, and Tom Rainey. If you just want to see and listen to some guys go off on their instruments then this is for you. It's unreal to watch these guys take their instruments and just utterly dominate them into making the sound they hear in their head come to life. Nels has been doing damage since the 80's, and while many of you know him from Wilco, it feels like he is always gigging in New York City at tiny spaces making music like this. Nels and Julian released a duo album in 2014 and play together pretty regularly and were wondering what would happen if they added bass and drums. We should all be happy they thought of doing that. This is definitely a band that is not to be missed right now.

The great visual director that is Spike Jonze released a commercial this week for the HomePod that also debuted a great new tune from Anderson .Paak titled "Til It's Over". FKA Twigs stars in it as someone who is tired from work and wants to come home and just listen to music that she would like. The video is perfectly timed with the song's movements and beats. It is one of the most visually stunning videos I've ever seen and I believe 90% of it was practical effects and not CGI. The song itself is great and speaks of continuing a fresh romance until it ends. There is great piano, xylophone, and synth parts throughout the song. Just a fantastic collaboration between three great artists.

Flyte, who are about to play their first shows in America this month, came out with two new songs this week. "Moon Unit" is a nod to Frank Zappa's daughter and also is a take on the drives they used to take with their families. The song has a great chorus and the build to get to it each time is fantastic. "Victory Girls" is a slower tune, but shows off what the band does best, beautiful vocals and great simple guitar work. Both songs are fantastic and build upon their great discography. 

La Luz shared their second single "California Family" from their soon to be released album Floating Features. The song is a fun romp of psychedelic rock and roll. The surf rock vibes are strong and the refrain of "I do what I want to do" can wind up being stuck in your head the rest of the day after listening to the song one time through. I love that the singing is blended in perfectly with the music so it's hitting you as a wall. It feels like the voices are whirling around you as the song marches forward. The effect is there is  a pseudo ghostly feel to the entire track.

The movement for women to have equal pay/rights/life in general as men has been great. Female artists have been jumping on board very easily into the fray to voice their opinion and Gin Wigmore is the latest to do it with "Girl Gang". Gin has one of the best voices out there and to hear her sing about female empowerment is fantastic. The catchy tune is sure to be all over the radio and stuck in your brain throughout the spring.

Sometimes a song just drips of all of the funk and you dance around your living room. Put on The Pendletons latest single, "Funk Forever", and you will find yourself doing just that. The song has a very deep mid 70's funk groove with synths and horns coming in and out of the song. The lyrics are simply talking about funk and love. The focus here is completely in what the music is doing, which really is the base of any great funk track. If you play this and don't dance around I don't know what to tell you.