New Music of the Week Volume 10 - The Albums

So due to a lot happening in my neck of the woods, albums fell by the wayside last week. Slowly trying to catch up on albums and here is what I had the chance to get to so far!

First up is Cave People and their new EP Kingfisher, which has four great songs on it. The first track "Try" puts your mind in to the little world that is this 11 minute record sounds like. Dave Tomaine, who's project it is, has an easiness to his vocal delivery that just feels so right. From there we go to "Wait", which is more upbeat than the previous track and seems to be about the character telling a lover they will wait for them no matter what and ends in absolute fury. "Mouth" is the quietest track of the four and is a great bringing down from the anarchy that ends the previous song. "Fair" closes out the EP on a high note. Take the 11 minutes and enjoy the crap out of this EP.

Local Albany, NY trio Good Fiction's latest EP And the Walls... is out now and the five song record is a strong showing from the Albany, NY trio. "Like I'm Your Man (For Real)" has a great guitar hook and the chorus is catchy as hell and is a rocking song that should be all over the place soon. "Bleeding Burning" is a heavier and shows these guys have a streak of Queens of the Stone Age in them that goes through the rest of the record. The songs here show a lot of potential for their continue songwriting growth and if heard by the right ears, these guys could go on to do some damage. Good Fiction make a lot of noise for three people and have been slowly moving up in the area. I'm hoping they can branch out a bit later this year and hit some new markets.

20 year old Sophie Allison, better known as Soccer Mommy, has put together a great collection of ten songs on Clean that will make you feel all of your emotions. The opening song "Still Clean" feels like you are having your own private living room show with her until the last moments of the song when it opens up into more of kaleidoscope of sounds and you feel the world has just opened up. On "Cool" Sophie wants to be as cool as the girl who breaks others hearts and on "Your Dog" she wants some power in her own relationship. Feelings of jealousy, hatred, loneliness, selflessness are timeless pieces to write up and Sophie does a great job tackling them. One thing I love is that one multiple tracks, towards the end of the song, there is a slight intense other-worldly jam. I can see these jams lighting up crowds all over the country and it would be in direct contrast to the stillness of the crowd to hear the remainder of the song. To do that in a live setting must be amazing and I hope when I see her I am right in this deduction of her performance. The record pulls it off perfectly and leave me wanting more, a perfect recipe for a debut album.

When a band comes on the scene with a lot of momentum behind them, a lot of people will say it's all hype and dismiss it. They will think the machine is pushing them because it's the cool thing to listen to right now. Well I'm here to say Sunflower Bean's second album, Twentytwo in Blue, lives up to the hype. These three wonderful humans have written an 11 song collection that is going to be spinning for a long time. The slick guitar work in "Burn It", the first song sets the tone for the whole piece. It's a sexy glam infused rock that just isn't around much anymore. There's elements of T-Rex, Bowie, Thing Lizzy, and Blondie, among others splattered all over. I also love songs that have happy upbeat music, but are about sadness like "I Was a Fool" is. What the band seemed to tap into on Twentytwo is that there is a lot of uncertainty and anger in the world over politics, women's rights, immigration, and a slew of other things. Without mentioning any of these specifically, the band has found their voice in singing about those subjects on songs like "Crisis Fest", "Memoria", and "Human For". Sunflower Bean have a very bright future and I can't wait to see the highs they begin to reach during their support for this album.