New Music of the Week Volume 9 - The Singles

I must have missed her in 2016 when she put out her debut EP, but having just heard 18 year old Snail Mail feels like she has had enough experiences already to fill an entire discography. She returned this week with "Pristine". The track is about a partner of her that she can't seem to shake. The rattling guitar riffs and constant beating of drums being in the foreground seem to punch these emotions home. She may never "love anyone else" but the future looks bright for her. The full album comes out in early June.

Iceage have unveiled "Take It All" from their forthcoming LP. The song has a very mid-90's Zooropa U2 feel to it, and that is a great thing. I absolutely adore the beginning of this track with the drums, bass, and guitars slowly coming alive and forming a beautiful soundscape for the first minute of the song. When Elias Bender Rønnenfelt's vocals come in they are strong and angry and match the music perfectly. The song is an excellent example of a track that takes its' time to swell to a peak and then fade back out slowly into nothingness. This is another band I haven't heard of before, despite them being around for a decade, but my interest is piqued here. I am very much looking forward to what else is on the record come early May.

King Tuff, with a little help from Jenny Lewis, put "Thru The Cracks" into the world. The whole song is about a friend he lost a couple of years ago to suicide. With everything going on in today's society we can all relate to losing someone too soon. It seems as if society in general just lets so many of us drift away without care. The whole track is this beautiful whimsical soundscape playing behind the lyrics about loss and pain. It's a great contrast and works wonderfully here.

An interesting track passed my way from Gabriella Cohen titled "Baby". It's the lead single off of her soon to be released sophomore album. Her vocal delivery is a laid back drawl that makes her instantly recognizable, sounding like no one else. The track is an interesting mix of 60's pop and 90's indie rock. It doesn't fall into either category, but somehow falls into both. There are a lot of harmonies going on in the background of the song and an interesting horn led end of the song that contains no words. The song is wild and I hope you dig it.

I really love finding under the radar songs when I can, and I'm going to assume that most of you checking in on this might have missed this track a month ago. "Home and Day" by Tracyanne & Danny, from Camera Obscura and Crybaby respectively, is a delicious three and a half minute 60's era pop rock tune with spot on instrumentation. The track is about how time and life are forever changing and just when you have it figured out, it moves again. I love the tune and it's easy going style. This record is released Memorial Day weekend and might be the perfect album to put on to relax in the sunshine. 

Roxiny has been releasing some glorious music, and accompanying videos, over the past year and her latest "Goliath" is no different. The song has a great beat to it that her voice dazzles over. She easily has one of the strongest voices in music right now, but I feel like many don't know her. She has been a women's activist for many years and her art is always looking to empower women. She is someone that should be on your radar in these times.

Crumb, based out of NYC, put out "Locket" a little over three weeks ago and it's a psychedelic jazz rock trip. This isn't a balls to the wall trip either, it is a smooth ride where you are being wrapped up in the blanket that is this great track. Lots of weird space sounds surround Lila's vocals and also make the outro jam extremely trippy. There are a lot of layers to this track and having listened to it a number of times, I love that I am still discovering some instruments and changes in the music throughout the tune. This is one of those songs that just keeps giving on multiple listens.

The Damned are about to release a new album and the lead single off of it "Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow" is out now. These guys are part of the original punk rock wave in the 70's in London and they haven't lost a step. The song is fun and sounds like it is right out of an old sci-fi film. The track, and album, were recorded on tape and the track has that warm feel to it. It's a catchy tune and will definitely get stuck in your head. Times are rough right now and there is a lot of hope in this song, as we should all have that things will change soon. This is a killer track and I'm sure the rest of the album is going to be just as fun.