New Music of the Week Volume 8 - The Singles

Stepping right into it with Courtney Barnett and her new tune "Need A Little Time". The video depicts her going out into space to give herself a little time. The song is gorgeous and has great soaring guitar riffs. The lyrics of course are wonderful as always. She has a way of writing that you can just relate to right away. The pressures of fame I'm sure are rough and she gets right to it with the opening line of "I don't know a lot about you but you seem to know a lot about me so I take a little time out". Between the buzz she got on her previous record and the collaboration with Kurt Vile, I'm sure she feels this pressure all of the time. Though none of us may be famous, with social media the way it is today, it can feel like this when you meet someone new and they know your life story already. Her new album is about two months away and should be quite the great release!

Leon Bridges is back! He announced his latest album by dropping two singles. The first is "Bet Ain't Worth The Hand", which is a slow jam with Leon wailing over it like he does. He has one of the best voices out there today and it's great to hear him let loose. The second is titled "Bad Bad News" and is a funky tune that is just utterly infectious. It is the brighter of the two songs, with a lot of layered voices and instruments. The song feels like it could have come out in the mid 70's on STAX. Personally I love the second single, but both are great. It was just a matter of when, not if, he was going to release new music this year. The album comes out May 4th!

I've had the wonderful opportunity to witness the great show that The Ballroom Thieves put on a couple of times. They never disappoint and they just unleashed a great new track into the world. "Cant Cheat Death" has all of their usual energy and harmonies that they have been known for. What is wonderful about this song is that they wrote it as a prequel for their song "Blood Run Red". Callie, the main character, and her husband's tale of how they got to their point of no return is tackled in the new tune. This trio has always hit it out of the park and the rest of the EP is out in mid-May.