New Music of the Week Volume 3 - The Singles

This week I got to listen to way more than last week, so we are splitting up the singles and albums because the post would be so long. I don't want to do that to you, so hopefully this is easier to digest. Not only did I listen to a lot this week, but the music was all over the place, in the best way possible. These are what I thought some of the best singles of the week were.

Starting off is U.S. Girls with "Rosebud". The single is fantastic with Meg Remy's voice soaring above some synths. It feels like this song time traveled from the mid to late 80's and no one is complaining. The album comes out this coming week and I cannot wait for it! The video has some super talented birds singing and dancing in it. Enjoy.

If you want to see what it means to be proud of who you are as a human, proud of your history and culture, and proud of how great you can be, then the video below is for you. Everything that is surrounding the Black Panther movie has been nothing short of beautiful and positive for African Americans. The lead single off of the soundtrack to the movie is "All The Stars" by two of best voices in music right now, Kendrick Lamar and SZA. Everything either of them touches is absolute gold and this song is no different. Again everything surrounding this movie has been glorious so far and I cant wait to see it and hear the rest of this soundtrack.

I will never complain about new music from Car Seat Headrest. Will Toledo's latest is titled "My Boy (Twin Fantasy)". The song is a slow burn and has Will singing in a very high falsetto for a good portion of it. The track ends of swelling into electrified jam. I always expect the goods from these guys and this song doesn't disappoint. This album is very high up on the anticipated list this year.

I love when a track stumbles across me and stops me in my tracks. That happened this week with Henry Green's "Shift". This UK Producer was influenced by someone I featured last week in Nils Frahm. This song feels like it could have fit on that album, despite the fact that this is an actual song and not just ambiance. There is a lot of synth work here that is just gorgeous. I hope Frahm hears this track and the two of them work together down the road.

A return for Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks happened this week with the release of "Middle America", the first new single since 2014. It's business as usual from Stephen and the band. The track makes you feel as if you are literally driving around the middle of the country with its slow twangy vibe. I've driven through the middle of the country and it's flat and easy going and you can see for miles. This song feels like the soundtrack to that drive. Also a song that says "Men are scum, I won't deny" can't be bad at all. More should be coming from them before their June tour rolls out.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra officially announced the release of their new album Sex & Food and unleashed the video for lead-single "American Guilt". Not only is the song heavy and has a bit of Lemmy in it vocally, but the video is tremendous. It reminds of Pearl Jam's "Do The Evolution" in both style and topic. We consume without thinking and the only living creature happy about it are flies, because they can survive on anything and we help them thrive. The album comes out in April and I'm pumped!

Hello to Thunderpussy and their song "Torpedo Love". I have heard of them for the last year and a half and to finally get a visual on them as well as hear one of their songs seems way over due. What a bunch of absolute bad-asses. For the video they play the slow sultry tune in an abandoned nuclear power plant. The song winds up as an absolute rocker by the song's end. Molly's vocals are a force to be reckoned with and seem as if they are amplified by the plant while the band rocks out with all of their might.

If you want some traditional pop music with slight hint of gospel and hip hop influence, producing a new sound for an artist, check out James Bay's latest "Wild Love". This is what pop music should be, a great voice, with a great song, that blends different musical styles to create something new and fun to listen to and dance to. James spoke to Billboard about wanting to evolve, but not to alienate his entire fan-base, like many of his influences have. I think with this song he is well on his way to keeping everyone around to see what happens next.

I might be a week or two late on this one, but I stumbled across Preoccupations latest track "Espionage". The song is extremely dark and you have to breathe your way through it. It's a powerful romp that screams for your attention. Think part Interpol, part Depeche Mode, part psychedelia. This track, and the rest of the album, is an exciting restart for the band after going through their name change a few years back. These guys are ready to make some noise again and we should all be excited about it.