New Music of the Week Volume 4 - The Albums

We are a month into highlighting music of the year and I couldn't be happier doing this. This post obviously takes more time to digest than the singles post, but I appreciate you being here and taking some time to discover some tunes and get turned on to some things. I hope you check out every one of these as things have definitely picked up in releases.

The new Pearl Charles record is an easy going roll through the country kind of album. Pearl Charles has strung together an impressive collection of songs that showcases her great voice, songwriting, and musicianship. Most of the album is made up of upbeat tunes that get stuck in your head instantly, espcially the title track. "Night Tides" is a psychedelic romp and is probably the best track on the album. I definitely played this song over and over as soon as I was done listening to the record, not that the rest isn't worthy of a relisten, but I just couldn't stop listening to this one.

Candy Ambulance, hailing from Upstate New York, are a rock and roll grunge filled trio who hit hard and fast with their new EP Spray. Caitlin's voice is strong throughout the album, especially on "Spray" and "Inner Child". Jesse and Jon are monsters on their own on the bass and drums respectively. These songs have been worked on for a few months now and are boiled to perfection here. There is no reason this isn't spinning into your ears right now. This is the best they have sounded on record yet and they are really coming into their own. It's an exciting time in their career now and have been touring harder, don't miss them when they come through.

There is much rejoicing to do as Will Toledo and his band/alias Car Seat Headrest have reworked the glorious Twin Fantasy, now Twin Fantasy (Face to Face), and released it last week. None of the songs are new here obviously, but they feel new and they did a great job re-recording and reworking the album. The older version is extremely low-fi in quality, but this version has the full band treatment that fills the songs with new vigor. This version of Car Seat Headrest is just an absolute beast that is a force to be reckoned with. From the opening notes of "My Boy (Twin Fantasy)" to the closing of "Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)", an onslaught of noise will make you head bang, dance, and sing a long. I know some people will think this is a cop-out of a release for such a gifted musicians and song writer, but it feels like a completely different album and these songs feel brand new all over again. I am excited for when we truly have new music from this crew, but I'm happy they are excited about these songs again.

Holy crap somehow this missed my radar for the last month. Shame, hailing from the UK, released their debut record Songs of Praise in early January. It is relentless in energy. The band consistently makes fun of the aspect of not being heard or paid attention to despite putting this music out into the world. There is so much music out in the world today that sometimes bands slip through the cracks, as they have for me this past month, but last week I couldn't stop spinning this record. At times Songs of Praise feels like it came out of the UK's punk scene of years past. At other times it sounds like an indie record from the early 2000's. These guys have piqued my interest level like few new rock bands have.