Modest Mouse Take the Palladium

So I know I’m kind of amazed, and I’m sure you’re about to be as well, but Modest Mouse has been around since 1992. The only constant throughout the entire run has of course been mastermind Isaac Brock with Jeremiah Green being there for everything but one year. Everyone else has been a rotating cast of musicians, but that hasn’t stopped the group for continuing to make great records.

With being around for 26 years and having 11 albums and EPs worth of material, they have gone to adopting performing a completely different set-list every night. Now many bands can do that, but for one reason or another they don’t. When a band does this it shows me two things, first that they care enough about their own songs that they can learn a number of them to perform and haven’t tired of them and two they care about their fans. I hadn’t seen the band in a decade, when they were opening for REM at Madison Square Garden with Johnny Marr playing with them. I didn’t know what to expect out of the show in Worcester, but I walked away beaming. I didn’t get to hear every song I wanted to, but if it means the band, and all eight members at that, was more engaged with the material since it changes from night to night than I’m ok without hearing it all. I’d rather miss a song or two than see a band go through the motions of playing the same material every night and look like they are bored. You might not think this happens a lot, but I go to a lot of shows and it happens more times than you would like to see.

The crowd was unexpected in their enthusiasm as well. I don’t mean in terms of loving the songs they were hearing, but the intensity to which they were dancing and then eventually moshing. I didn’t expect a Modest Mouse crowd to mosh and crowd surf, but there they were, having the time of the lives as the band did what they do best on stage. I think I would do quite the disservice to myself if it took me another decade to see them play. Enjoy the gallery below.