New Music of the Week Volume 1

Ok so this is new and I'm going to do my best to write about the newest singles, albums, EP's, and videos I have watched and listened to each week. We'll see how this goes. I hope it turns you on to some fun things and broadens your musical horizon. Let's get this going!

I'll start this week with albums first and begin with SunwatchersII. This album is a wild jazz free form masterpiece with enough psychedelia to get me on board right away. Just a stunning record from front to back and clocking in at under 38 minutes, it's a perfect length for a small little zone out session in the middle of your day to dive into the crevices of your mind. I'm happy I've slowly been turned on to more jazz releases of late as I can just focus on the music on not worry about the words or meaning behind it. These records are all about how stunning the musicianship is and this record is just jaw-dropping. 

Let's go for something a little different an go to Calexico's The Thread That Keeps Us. These guys have been going for 22 years and hearing this new album it's mind blowing that this record isn't getting more attention.  The record has some real biting lyrics, some avant-garde pieces, some horn driven rockers, and some beautiful stripped down tunes. Calexico take you on a journey of the Southwest through the record. 

Turning again to a new sound, a UK group called Shopping and their album The Official Body. It's part B-52's, part DEVO, part Tom Tom Club/Talking Heads. It has an uplifting quality about it while still talking about a lot of shit that is going down in the world today. We need to let loose today, now more than ever, and this album will have you bopping along with it in no time.

Ty Segall's latest, Freedom's Goblin, was released this week and it's an absolute stunner. It's no secret that Ty has always been an interesting act to follow and listen to as he has always done a great job of taking his influences and making them sound new in his songs. On this record he really goes to town in wearing his influences on his sleeve. There are beautiful homages to disco (including a great cover of "Every 1's A Winner"), glam, punk, and classic rock. This isn't unusual, but it feels far more intentional this time. Everything he has done so far in his career has built to this 19 track album. If you were being newly introduced to Ty, this is the album to give to someone as it covers all the bases of what he can do. Also the song "She" is just a complete shred-fest. If you don't have a smile on your face after that song, you don't enjoy music. Check out a track below and the rest of the album here - Ty Segall Freedom's Goblin.

Moving on to some singles and videos. Let's go with  Daphne Guinness first and her single "Talking to Yourself". The music and her voice both feel like it has been transported from the late 60's and early 70's glam scene. I absolutely adore what she has done here and am very much looking forward to what else is on the album coming out later this year.

Next up is Durand Jones & The Indications with "Smile". The song is about as funky as they come. Some solid hammond B3 playing in the background over an infectious groove gives this song some serious funk and soul. Durand's voice is smooth and brings back memories of old Stax and Motown singers.  This song is just plain sexy, end of story. Very excited to see these guys live at some point this year.

Palm came out with "Composite" this week and it blew me away. There are weird time signatures mixed in with some amazing vocals takes. It sounds like what The Beach Boys might have been if they all were into heavy psychedelics and not just Brian Wilson. There's just something about this song that I cannot stop playing it. I hope you feel the same.


Prism Tats were stumbled on this week with the new tune being "Daggers". This track rips with a heavy dose of punk attitude inside some 60's keyboard psychedelia. It's a great mix and the song will instantly get stuck inside your head. Hoping to hear some tour dates from this project soon and cannot wait to see what else comes from this band.