First Weekend of Music 2018

In a change of pace, the first 12 days of 2018 were quiet and calm, but the floodgates were ripped open on January 12th. With four shows over the weekend, music filled the air all around me. First up was the reunion of legendary 90's jam act Ominous Seapods. They reunited for bassist Tom Pirozzi's 50th birthday. It was a three show run, but I was only able to make it to night one, the actual birthday show. I was able to be there for soundcheck and some backstage shots. One of the members, Dana Montieth, moved to Australia almost 6 years ago, and came back for these shows. Many in the audience were all friends with one another and the band. The whole evening was full of laughs, love, and a band that sounded great despite all the years of inactivity.

From there it was on to Gug's for a quick dip in for locals Rambler's Home. It's always good seeing friends perform and getting to capture it. I only saw about 30 minutes, but it was a great 30 minutes. Saturday I photographed another 50th birthday party, this time for an old neighbor, and though I don't normally do these, it was a lot of fun and I hope to do more of them.

Then it was quick hop, skip, and a jump to River Street Pub for a one-two punch of Bear Grass followed by The Sea The Sea. Bear Grass were great as usual and are going to be releasing an album this year that I'm very much looking forward to. Katie Hammon just has this way of writing and singing that always makes me smile. The Sea The Sea were next and I've known them now for almost four years and watching them improve and grow has been amazing. Mira and Chuck are tremendous humans and they are also gearing up for a new release. The new four-piece format with Cara and Steve supplementing the sound is perfect. Then it was back up to Gug's for the reunion show of Cosmonauts. I knew a number of members of the band and never realized they used to play together.

Enjoy some photos of everything mentioned above. 2018 started off strong musically this weekend. Time to put my foot on the gas and get the rest of the year going!