Candy Ambulance Video Shoot for "People Are Deceitful"

Candy Ambulance know how to have a good time and their video shoot this past weekend proved just that. They called in a number of friends, hired Chromoscope Pictures, and pulled together a wild video that will surely help them get some buzz when it comes time for their summer tour announcement to happen. Having worked with both Candy Ambulance and Chromoscope Pictures, I made my way up to Glens Falls knowing I was going to get some wonderful photos, but had no idea they would be this great. The shoot lasted from about 5 PM to 130 AM, and by the time the shoot ended everyone was on such a high that we could have kept going for hours. Here are a batch of production and behind the scenes stills from the evening. You can get a sense of what the shoot was like, but the entire story of it isn't ruined. Look out for the video coming soon!