Ron Gallo and Naked Giants at The Hollow 11.16.17

So I'm going to start going out of order on things and just post whatever the hell I want on here. It's going to bother my brain, but who cares honestly. I just hope you care enough to read and look at my photos. So start off this new trend, I bring a show last week that I needed really badly.

I had this show bookmarked from the moment it was announced. I had never seen either band, let alone heard of Naked Giants, but many friends had told me Ron Gallo is a do not miss band. When I got to the venue it was already pretty packed and Kim, who you may know from EQX and helping out Greg Bell on booking shows among many other things, told me Naked Giants were going to rock. Little did I know that this Seattle three piece was going to put my jaw on the floor. Their energy was just unbelievable. Quick songs that were just in your face and made you want to head bang and dance. These guys are not to miss and I see really big things coming for them next year.

The minute Ron Gallo stepped on the stage the energy level went up even more in the room. He can command an audience like some of the great. He is super awkward on stage, but it just adds to the mystifying show he puts on. His band is incredible and I'm pretty sure they can play absolutely anything in the world they want to. It might be sloppy, like their rendition of "Free Bird" and a Talking Heads song I can't quite put a name to at the moment. Naked Giants were asked to come back on stage and they played their split 7 inch record, followed by a wild cover of "Helter Skelter". I think I could have watched them on this tour every night and not get bored. Hopefully I get to see it again sometime soon. Enjoy the photos below!