Summer 2017 Part One: Non-Festival Shows

With the weather turning to fall officially, I wanted to take a look back at the rest of the summer this year that didn't take place at festivals. There were plenty of other shows, both big and small. It can be hard to keep up with writing short blog posts when you're constantly photographing and writing more, but I will try to keep this up to date from here on out. We'll all see how it goes. But enjoy June through most of July of the non-festival concerts.

Wedding of Russ and Lindsey

I don't publish about this often, but I do weddings from time to time for friends. It's always a pleasure and when I click with the bride and groom it's just that much easier. I don't like to do big weddings. While those are fun, they are very stressful. Small weddings are where it's at and I should know since that's what Lauren and I did.

Russ and Lindsey are two concert friends of mine and they are just lovely. On the day of the wedding it looked like it was going to pour but as everyone arrived the sun began to poke out just enough and blessed us with great weather. It took place at SPAC in Saratoga Springs, NY and then we all went out to dinner after. Don't hesitate to ask me about wedding services. No it's not the rock star life that I like to do every night of the week, but you get to be a rock star for a day (h/t Marc Millman for that phrase) and I would love to help make you look the best you possibly can. Enjoy some photos from Russ and Lindsey's wedding

Grand Point North 2017

There are so many festivals now a days that the season doesn't end with summer. You could probably go to a festival a weekend for 52 weeks every year. Traditionally though September closes the season for me and this year was no different. I wasn't supposed to go to Grand Point North, Grace Potter's Burlington, Vertmont festival, this year but my schedule changed and it ended up working out. I've been the last few years and it's always a pleasure to see the same faces in the photo pit and those working the fest. It was a grand time as always. Enjoy some pictures from earlier this month.

Outside Lands 2017

This being included in coverage from this past summer is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you reading. After Newport Folk it came to light that I knew who to contact for a pass, thanks Meghan, and I had a free place to stay, big time thanks to Jillian and her boyfriend Will. It was a matter of how much would the plane ticket cost. With the go ahead from Lauren, while at a concert I bought a round trip ticket 10 days before hand and just had a blast in Golden Gate Park. While I didn't see as many bands as I do at a regular festival, it was amazing. This was also my first taste of West Coast live music and boy did it not disappoint. I'm still pinching myself that this took place. Also for the record this is as much a food and wine festival as it is a music festival. It's truly astounding. If you can make it out to this festival next year, just do it. Enjoy the highlights.

Newport Folk Festival 2017

My second straight year at the world famous Newport Folk Festival was just as amazing as the year before. While the line up didn't blow me away as it was rolled out this year, it turned out to be a pretty perfect line up. There were a couple of tributes to music legends Bill Withers and the late Chuck Berry, as well as a set of protest music by a treasure trove of artists. The weather held out and everyone and their mother came to end the show with John Prine, including special guests Roger Waters and Lucius. This festival is a can't miss affair every year. Highlights from the weekend below.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2017

Sometimes you just want to try new things and this summer I was able to do just that. I had never flown anywhere to see music and my first entry into that was to to go to Chicago in mid-July for Pitchfork Music Festival. They let the photographers do their thing, without much oversight, but it was weird going in pretty much blind to a festival. Some cancellations and weird photo rules took place, which screwed some coverage up, but overall it was a fantastic weekend. My wonderful photog-friend Sarah put me up for the weekend and we proceeded to have a blast. Unfortunately my train ride back to Albany was less than stellar, but hey it happens. Here are a batch of highlights from Pitchfork.